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Who We Are

IMPACTS Information Management and Retrieval, Inc. (IMPACTS) is a professional organization dedicated to providing quality services, and on time deliveries and responses to requests for information. We serve the healthcare, banking, insurance, and legal sectors all over the world with records/information management, retrieval, and production services.

The company is under the leadership of an accredited American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) member with several years of management experience in information management. Our background in federal, states, HIPAA privacy and security, and Joint Commission requirements information management sets the stage for all the services we provide with dedication and commitment to clients/customers confidentiality.

Visionary Focus

many-companies-are-moving-toward-a-paperless-working-environment-and-because-of-this-transition-they-require-a-reliable-digital-document-management-pl_16001484_40033535_0_14121811_500IMPACTS is dedicated to the consistent delivery of customer satisfaction. We strive to impact your bottom line by providing timely, accurate, and reliable information at a cost that is unbeatable by none in the industry. We relieve you and your team of the laborious time and energy involved in records management and retrieval; thus giving you time to handle your most pressing obligations.


– Reliable and user friendly web application for requests for service
– Quick and easy access to information
– Privacy and security of clients protected information
– 24 hours support services
– Provide professional services and support at all times
– Represent the best interests of our clients
– Help our clients meet their turnaround time by taking care of all the hassles and bureaucracies surrounding retrieval of health/personal information
– Help our client focus on the more important issues regarding litigation

Tel: (706) 254-8100

Email: info@impactsinformation.com