image_faqTurning the records around fast for our clients is our primary mission. The entire process takes less than 30 business days for the majority of requests. Impacts Information will call the facility consistently for you to get these records in house as fast as possible.

document-management1We can obtain almost every type of record imaginable: medical, billing, x-rays, pathology, personnel, payroll, Workers Compensation files from employers, claim files from insurance companies, telephone records (local, long distance and mobile), bank records, pharmacy records, police records, fire records, driving records, academic records, ambulance records and business records of any kind. Any type of record that you would need to obtain we can get for you.

Absolutely. You can find a real time status report online when you log in to our web repository. This report will have all of the notes on where we are with each particular file.

Your completed records will be stored in our web repository. You will be able to open the file from the repository or store it to your system.

Yes. We can get records via authorization or subpoena in all 50 states

Tel: (706) 254-8100

Email: info@impactsinformation.com