Why Choose Us

Providing Document
  • Retrieval.
  • Management.
  • Duplication.

We fully understand your claims and legal records needs, while providing you with the best product and fastest turnaround time.

Nationwide Claims & Legal Expertise

We provide nationwide coverage retrieving every type of record. We also specializing in retrieval via subpoena, affidavit, certification, stipulation or authorization.

Easy Ordering

Quickly enter orders after logging in via our intuitive web order form. Much of the information needed is prepopulated based on your profile making ordering streamlined and efficient. Search locations within our database to quickly add to your order. Upload any documents necessary, such as HIPAA authorization, at the time of ordering.

Organized Records

Impacts Information organizes all records chronologically and by records type to speed your review and analysis. Records can be viewed electronically or printed. The most useful and efficient paperless system for your team to review these records. Adjusters, counsel, management and experts review the same files.

Fast Turnaround Time

Impact Information has developed relationships with record custodians nationwide, this enables our team to get the right information to the right person to release the records. We pay custodian fees to expedite the turnaround process. Our retrieval team is supported by the latest technology to pinpoint which records are outstanding, what information is needed to promptly release the records and any special client requests.

Tel: (706) 254-8100

Email: info@impactsinformation.com